VG TEH Security d.o.o. is a company specialising in private security (personal protection, security and protection systems, cash-in-transit, crowd control, close protection – bodyguards, risk assessments, the design and installation of security and protection systems) and fire protection (fire protection technicians, outsourcing available fire brigades). The personal protection/security and the protection and fire protection system of VG TEH Security d.o.o. covers more than 1000 facilities all over Croatia.


We provide personal and fire protection services through our comprehensive business, environment, health, security, information security and risk management system, all of which have been certified under the following standards.


We hold one of the most extensive liability insurance policies in the field of personal and fire protection in the Croatian market.


We offer personal and fire protection services and our service package covers the entire territory of Croatia.


In cooperation with our partner BRINK’S, VG TEH Security d.o.o. offers the door-to-door transportation of valuable goods to and from 116 countries.


Risk assessments and relevant security assessments with recommendations and solutions for the installation of safety and protection systems and appropriate personal protection protocols are an integral part of our market portfolio.


The continuous and specialised training of our employees in our public adult education centre Q SEC guarantees the continued improvement of the quality of services offered by VG TEH Security d.o.o.


Diamond and jewellery services

Diamond and jewellery services

Fire protection services

Fire protection services

Personal protection and security and protection systems

Personal protection and security and protection systems

The transportation of money and valuable goods

The transportation of money and valuable goods


Grupa d.o.o. carries out continuous and systematic quality management activities with regard to its business processes, occupational health and safety and the protection of working and living environments. We plan, perform, monitor, assess, evaluate and improve every task in accordance with the requests of our clients and the requirements of international

Our personal protection services are based on quality employees who receive continued education and are properly equipped with uniforms or appropriate civilian clothes and state of the art equipment. This level of quality in security services is prescribed by the Security Service Code, the provisions of the Private Security Act and Croatian and European standards, all of which require both the functionality of equipment and an appropriate physical appearance of security guards.


A universal security and protection system does not exist, but its proper design, implementation, maintenance and monitoring is of great importance. VG TEH Security d.o.o. has a monitoring centre with an integrated system for receiving alarms from various security and protection systems via analogue or TCP/IP communication protocols, realtime video surveillance and access control. This provides our clients with an additional level of security and ensures the simple and reliable administration of security protocols.


We are also authorized to provide the transportation of daily proceeds from different locations (CIT services) and the occasional one-time transportation of valuable goods as well as ATM servicing.

VG TEH Security d.o.o. can implement the most modern solutions for creating a closed cash handling system (checking, counting and secure storage) – the smart safe, a state of the art solution for handling and storing cash suitable for financial institutions, shopping centres, store chains, gas stations, etc.

The smart safe’s closed cash handling system enables more efficient cash processing while reducing the risk of (armed) robbery, burglary and (internal) theft.

VG TEH Security d.o.o. starts planning the collection process (using the smart safe software solution installed by the user, bank AND the CIT provider) as soon as the smart safe reaches the designated cash level.








The expert team of VG TEH Security d.o.o. prepares detailed security plans for public assemblies in line with the client’s needs and the requirement of the Public Assembly Act. Our most experienced crowd controllers and security guards guarantee the highest level of security and the maintenance of peace and order during sports, cultural, political and religious events.


Depending on the fire risk category of the location in question, VG TEH Security d.o.o. can offer the services of an on-call qualified fire protection technician as a supplement to your existing fire brigade or on-call crew. We can also establish an entirely new fire brigade for individual facilities that are at high risk of fire, subject to additional approval. We offer the installation of analogue and digital fire alarm systems and advanced fire extinguishing systems as part of our security and protection systems portfolio.


Close protection or bodyguard services are certainly the most demanding type of security services. A person performing this job has to be a seemingly quiet and demure individual who is highly trained in weapon use and martial arts with advanced knowledge of at least two world languages and skills in psychology. At the client’s request, VG TEH Security d.o.o. can provide female personal bodyguards. Our personal protection services provide our clients with top quality, seamless operation and real security.

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