Fire protection services

VG TEH Security d.o.o. is a company specialising in private security and fire protection (fire protection technicians, outsourcing available fire brigades). The personal protection/security and the protection and fire protection system of VG TEH Security d.o.o.  covers more than 1000 facilities all over Croatia.

Depending on the fire risk category of the location in question, VG TEH Security d.o.o. can offer the services of an on-call qualified fire protection technician as a supplement to your existing fire brigade or on-call crew. We can also establish an entirely new fire brigade for individual facilities that are at high risk of fire, subject to additional approval. We offer the installation of analogue and digital fire alarm systems and advanced fire extinguishing systems as part of our security and protection systems portfolio.

  • We hold one of the most extensive liability insurance policies in the field of personal and fire protection in the Croatian market.
  • We offer personal and fire protection services and our service package covers the entire territory of Croatia.