The transportation of money and valuable goods

VG TEH Security d.o.o. holds the clearance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the transportation of money and valuable goods, i.e. the collection and transportation of daily proceeds from different locations (CIT services) and the occasional one-time transportation of valuable goods as well as ATM servicing.

In cooperation with our partner BRINK’S, VG TEH Security d.o.o. offers the door-to-door transportation of valuable goods to and from 116 countries.

VG TEH Security d.o.o.  can implement the most modern solutions for creating a closed cash handling system (checking, counting and secure storage) – the smart safe, a state of the art solution for handling and storing cash suitable for financial institutions, shopping centres, store chains, gas stations, etc.

The smart safe’s closed cash handling system enables more efficient cash processing while reducing the risk of (armed) robbery, burglary and (internal) theft.

VG TEH Security d.o.o. starts planning the collection process (using the smart safe software solution installed by the user, bank AND the CIT provider) as soon as the smart safe reaches the designated cash level.